Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No cheese, no dairy, no sugar no problem!

So you’ve just found out that you have to start a new diet. It can be overwhelming. Over the last year I have learned that you can live without it all and feel so much better.
There are many substitutions out there that I had no idea existed!
Dairy- you can use almond milk in place of it. You can also use coconut milk that comes in a can.
Eggs- You can use flax seed to replace eggs when you’re baking. I have successfully used it in brownies and cakes now.
Coconut flour – this is a very thirsty flour and a little goes a long ways. Do not replace it cup for cup. I have made calzones successfully from Marias blog with this. The kids raved over them.
Almond flour- you can make your own or buy it. and I was making my own and following Maria’s recipes. I soon found out I would get better results using honeyvilles. They make the best cinnamon rolls, again Maria’s recipe. I have made muffins with almond flour that were something to rave about!
Almond butter- I buy mine at Sam’s club
Noodles- you can use zucchini noodles, peel the green, shred and warm. Eat with sauce.
Goats milk may be another option for you, it’s also not considered dairy.

Coconut oil- so good for you. It’s a good fat. Nutiva on Amazon is a good brand that tastes good or anything from –become a fan they post a lot of coupons and specials.
I hate onions and cauliflower. I have learned cooked the right way, they are so good.
Grilled onions makes everything taste better J
Cauliflower-so many ways to cook it.
Veggies that even the kids will eat-roast them in the oven. They carmelize it yumminess.
Sugar replacements- Stevia, Stevia to go drops, erythritol, swerve, just like sugar are just a few natural replacements. Many use honey as well.
Dark chocolate or you can make your own.
I made yummy candy today. Melted ½ c. coconut oil, ½ c. almond butter, 2 T cocoa, and alittle sweetener. Refrigerated it and I had fudgy candy. Sugar free, dairy free yumminess.
I fell into low carbing and had no idea what all I was missing. I truly believe that GMO’s in our food are what are causing these diseases that are so prevalent. If I go off my plan, my body swells, my hands hurt like crazy, no energy. I was looking up symptoms of fibromyalgia and matching them all.
I drink ½ my body weight in water/ tea/green tea and follow low carb, sugar free and feel so much better.
I hope this helps.
Concentrate on what you can eat, proteins and veggies. 

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