Saturday, January 24, 2015

All natural healing from three ingredients

Last week my youngest walked in the door and you could tell she didn't feel good. She had a migraine, so I gave her some Aleve and sent her to rest. She woke up with a sore throat, barely able to sip water, running a fever. I've been using honey with lemon as  cure for the cough, wasn't so sure what to use that would be natural for a sore throat with no cough, so I mixed up some hot chocolate and snuck in some unflavored gelatin. She drank it all but wasn't magically better. I put oil on the bottom of her feet and sent her to bed. Emailed my mom and told her her symptoms, asking if she had any local honey left, as I was out.
She mixed this up for me, told me to give it to her in tea. My daughter doesn't like tea but I gave it a try. Nope she preferred taking it straight. I gave her 1 T every 2 hours, by the end of the day, her fever had gone down, her throat wasn't raw and she could hold her head up. Yay, it's working!
I went out that night with instructions to give it to her at 6 p.m, I failed to mention every 2 hours until bedtime, thinking they would have seen the pattern.
I got home and she was complaining of throat hurting again, next morning same thing so we dosed her up, every 2 hours, later that day her fever broke and you couldn't tell she had been sick, except for the white patches on her throat. We gave her the syrup cutting back to a teaspoon, 3 x a day. By Monday she was ready for school.

This all natural healing was simply : honey, ginger root, lemon. All three have antibiotic properties and work well together. My other kids were impressed with how fast she healed. The white spots are now gone and we're back to taking vitamins daily to boost her immune system. No one else picked it up either.

Mom gave me the recipe, which I will post below.
If your child gets a sore throat, I highly recommend this, it works! Did we cure her from strep throat? I don't know but I do know there were white patches, her tonsils were swollen and swallowing anything was painful.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No cheese, no dairy, no sugar no problem!

So you’ve just found out that you have to start a new diet. It can be overwhelming. Over the last year I have learned that you can live without it all and feel so much better.
There are many substitutions out there that I had no idea existed!
Dairy- you can use almond milk in place of it. You can also use coconut milk that comes in a can.
Eggs- You can use flax seed to replace eggs when you’re baking. I have successfully used it in brownies and cakes now.
Coconut flour – this is a very thirsty flour and a little goes a long ways. Do not replace it cup for cup. I have made calzones successfully from Marias blog with this. The kids raved over them.
Almond flour- you can make your own or buy it. and I was making my own and following Maria’s recipes. I soon found out I would get better results using honeyvilles. They make the best cinnamon rolls, again Maria’s recipe. I have made muffins with almond flour that were something to rave about!
Almond butter- I buy mine at Sam’s club
Noodles- you can use zucchini noodles, peel the green, shred and warm. Eat with sauce.
Goats milk may be another option for you, it’s also not considered dairy.

Coconut oil- so good for you. It’s a good fat. Nutiva on Amazon is a good brand that tastes good or anything from –become a fan they post a lot of coupons and specials.
I hate onions and cauliflower. I have learned cooked the right way, they are so good.
Grilled onions makes everything taste better J
Cauliflower-so many ways to cook it.
Veggies that even the kids will eat-roast them in the oven. They carmelize it yumminess.
Sugar replacements- Stevia, Stevia to go drops, erythritol, swerve, just like sugar are just a few natural replacements. Many use honey as well.
Dark chocolate or you can make your own.
I made yummy candy today. Melted ½ c. coconut oil, ½ c. almond butter, 2 T cocoa, and alittle sweetener. Refrigerated it and I had fudgy candy. Sugar free, dairy free yumminess.
I fell into low carbing and had no idea what all I was missing. I truly believe that GMO’s in our food are what are causing these diseases that are so prevalent. If I go off my plan, my body swells, my hands hurt like crazy, no energy. I was looking up symptoms of fibromyalgia and matching them all.
I drink ½ my body weight in water/ tea/green tea and follow low carb, sugar free and feel so much better.
I hope this helps.
Concentrate on what you can eat, proteins and veggies. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

GMO's what to do

Contact these companies and tell that what you think about eating GMO's and particularly if you would like your food labeled.
Also contact the companies that support labeling and reward them with your hard earned money.

To Join the GMO fight for labeling, Join GMO Inside on Facebook. Find more information about GMO's, the next step after Proposition 37'

Things you can do:
-Boycott those that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to hide what's in your food.
Ask yourself why they don't want to tell you what's in your food.
-Visit their Facebook fan pages and leave your own opinion/thoughts. Educate their users as well.
-Tell your friends
-Join a justlabelit program
-Support those companies that donated to get Proposition 37 passed.
-Contact your representatives to get this initiative on the ballots
-Sign the petition on the White House website

Educate yourself on what GMO's are and how they could be hurting your family.
There are a few facts you should know:
*GMO's have never been tested on humans
*GMO free products are freely available in other countries due to customer demand. Kelloggs could make GMO free cereal, as they do in other countries but they won't for the US.
*Know that most smaller labels are owned by these bigger one.
*This isn't a political movement, this is a PEOPLE movement.

These companies spent over $45 million to hide what's in your food:
Grocery Manufacturers Association
Kraft Foods
Nestle USA
Conagra Foods
General Mills
Kellogg Company
Smithfield Foods
Del Monte Foods
Campbell's Soup
Heinz Foods
Hershey Company
The J.M. Smucker Company
Bimbo Bakeries
Ocean Spray Cranberries
Mars Food North America
Hormel Foods
Bumble Bee Foods
Pinnacle Foods
Dean Foods Company
Bunge North America
McCormick & Company
Wrigley Jr. Company
Abbott Nutrition
Cargill, Inc.
Rich Products Corporation
Flowers Foods
Dole Packaged Foods
Knouse Foods Cooperative

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Destin Florida vacation condo rental scam-beware

My friends learned a valuable lesson as did I this last week. They were planning a family trip to Destin,Florida and looking for condo to sleep 4+. I found them a nice place (by pictures) and she proceeded to book it. When they got down there after driving for 14 hours, they were greeted with a "shady looking place". Once inside, they found dirty floors, picked up a broom and started sweeping. From there they found a child's underwear, half eaten yogourt container and it just got worse. Two things we should have done:
1. There was no cleaning deposit- this probably should have been a heads up.
2.The website I found this "great deal" on didn't have a feedback system.

My friend called to complain and get her money back. She was refused. They left to go find a hotel and the owner promptly locked them out (hence no pictures). She will be placing a chargeback through her credit card company.

Think twice before you grab a rental from a place you can not see a feedback system from. Don't trust pictures. Always follow your gut instinct.
He's running a "deal" right now. Hope you're not the next to be scammed by Ted Nehlsen in Destin, Florida.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Homemade laundry soap-best ever made from scratch

My mom told me about this laundry soap she found on Pinterest. She sent me over some samples and I was in love. I made up my own batch for less than $15. I use 1 tablespoon. This stuff gets out blood, stains and puppy messes. I'm in love with it. My husband is allergic to some brands and so far we haven't had a problem. Warning this makes a large batch. I mixed mine up outside in a 5 gallon container with lid. I do a lot of laundry, 3-4 loads a day and I predict this batch will last us 3-4 months. That's a lot of savings!
We purchased a box of:
Baking Soda
Baking soda wash
20 Borax Mule
3 bars of Fels-Naptha soap- I put mine in the food processor, worked perfectly. Much faster/easier than grinding it. is where I got the directions. I didn't add the oxyclean and I've been thrilled with the results.
This summer I've been mama to newborn puppies and kittens, bottlefeeding, changing, washing, bathing towels, rangs and more towels. This laundry soap has been wonderful for this. Highly recommended. We love it!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Microwave Popcorn-skip the expensive store brand and make your own

Thanks to Donna at for sharing this with me. We tried it and the results were great! As much as my kids love popcorn, I can't believe we didn't do this much sooner. I'm excited to have a nice healthy snack the kids can make themselves in just a few minutes.

All you need are:
Paper lunch sacks
Bag of unpopped popcorn

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Low Carb Pizza Crust!

I am so excited. I had pizza again! For over a year I've been scraping the tops off and suddenly I could eat it. Even better, it was SO EASY to make. It passed my kids' test and my 15 yr old son who is so picky.. he took the toppings off and ate the crust! This is a keeper. Trevor and I are excited to have legal low carb pizza back in our life! It is filling as well.
Here's the recipe from :
Mix 2 cups of mozzarella cheese
1 cup of cheddar cheese
3 eggs
Combine all together. I used parchment paper, otherwise use non stick spray on your pan. spread it thinly across your pan. I used a cookie sheet, it wasn't enough to cover it all but by the time it cooked up, it almost all reached the edges.
Cook at 450 degrees for 10 minutes. Watch for it to be melty gooey and a little crisp on the edges. Let cool. I put mine in the fridge for 5 minutes and then it peeled right off the parchment paper and I carried it around, so proud that it worked! Then I put it back on the parchment paper (mistake), added my sauce and toppings and put in broiler for about 5 minutes. (I pre-cooked my toppings).Note: Parchment paper says not to exceed 425 degrees for a reason.. Luckily mine didn't catch on fire but it was "toasted". Take out and cool for a second. I cut mine into 2" squares and served. Everyone, kids included, loved it! A definite keeper and it was so fast and easy!