Saturday, January 24, 2015

All natural healing from three ingredients

Last week my youngest walked in the door and you could tell she didn't feel good. She had a migraine, so I gave her some Aleve and sent her to rest. She woke up with a sore throat, barely able to sip water, running a fever. I've been using honey with lemon as  cure for the cough, wasn't so sure what to use that would be natural for a sore throat with no cough, so I mixed up some hot chocolate and snuck in some unflavored gelatin. She drank it all but wasn't magically better. I put oil on the bottom of her feet and sent her to bed. Emailed my mom and told her her symptoms, asking if she had any local honey left, as I was out.
She mixed this up for me, told me to give it to her in tea. My daughter doesn't like tea but I gave it a try. Nope she preferred taking it straight. I gave her 1 T every 2 hours, by the end of the day, her fever had gone down, her throat wasn't raw and she could hold her head up. Yay, it's working!
I went out that night with instructions to give it to her at 6 p.m, I failed to mention every 2 hours until bedtime, thinking they would have seen the pattern.
I got home and she was complaining of throat hurting again, next morning same thing so we dosed her up, every 2 hours, later that day her fever broke and you couldn't tell she had been sick, except for the white patches on her throat. We gave her the syrup cutting back to a teaspoon, 3 x a day. By Monday she was ready for school.

This all natural healing was simply : honey, ginger root, lemon. All three have antibiotic properties and work well together. My other kids were impressed with how fast she healed. The white spots are now gone and we're back to taking vitamins daily to boost her immune system. No one else picked it up either.

Mom gave me the recipe, which I will post below.
If your child gets a sore throat, I highly recommend this, it works! Did we cure her from strep throat? I don't know but I do know there were white patches, her tonsils were swollen and swallowing anything was painful.

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