Thursday, October 23, 2008

Missing Teens From Missouri, why did it take 4 days for an amber alert

Levi and Paige were known missing Friday night. Paige didn't come home. Her friends and family say that is not like her. Levi is bi-polar and has been off his medicine.These kids need to be found. No one is sure where they are headed. Could be Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado, California or ? They haven't used their credit cards and no one has heard from them since October 24th. The news media is working on this but everyone across the nation needs to put an eye out for these two kids.

How can you help?
Print out a flyer. Stick it to your window, post them on bulletin boards, businesses, schools.
Pray for these two families and their children.
Link to their missing website set up by the family, add the website to your signature.
Post a bulletin on myspace and stop by their website to read the latest news.

An amber alert has been issued.
Together we can help find these children.

Thank you for helping,