Monday, November 12, 2012

GMO's what to do

Contact these companies and tell that what you think about eating GMO's and particularly if you would like your food labeled.
Also contact the companies that support labeling and reward them with your hard earned money.

To Join the GMO fight for labeling, Join GMO Inside on Facebook. Find more information about GMO's, the next step after Proposition 37'

Things you can do:
-Boycott those that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to hide what's in your food.
Ask yourself why they don't want to tell you what's in your food.
-Visit their Facebook fan pages and leave your own opinion/thoughts. Educate their users as well.
-Tell your friends
-Join a justlabelit program
-Support those companies that donated to get Proposition 37 passed.
-Contact your representatives to get this initiative on the ballots
-Sign the petition on the White House website

Educate yourself on what GMO's are and how they could be hurting your family.
There are a few facts you should know:
*GMO's have never been tested on humans
*GMO free products are freely available in other countries due to customer demand. Kelloggs could make GMO free cereal, as they do in other countries but they won't for the US.
*Know that most smaller labels are owned by these bigger one.
*This isn't a political movement, this is a PEOPLE movement.

These companies spent over $45 million to hide what's in your food:
Grocery Manufacturers Association
Kraft Foods
Nestle USA
Conagra Foods
General Mills
Kellogg Company
Smithfield Foods
Del Monte Foods
Campbell's Soup
Heinz Foods
Hershey Company
The J.M. Smucker Company
Bimbo Bakeries
Ocean Spray Cranberries
Mars Food North America
Hormel Foods
Bumble Bee Foods
Pinnacle Foods
Dean Foods Company
Bunge North America
McCormick & Company
Wrigley Jr. Company
Abbott Nutrition
Cargill, Inc.
Rich Products Corporation
Flowers Foods
Dole Packaged Foods
Knouse Foods Cooperative

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