Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is the Honor Academy Accredited?

From their website-no.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Honor Academy accredited?

No. Teen Mania is a ministry and cannot be accredited. Sterling offers credits for courses taken at the Honor Academy. Your transcripts will show that you took classes through Sterling.

How can I get my credits transferred from Sterling to another college?


HA How To

How much does it cost to transfer my credit from the Honor Academy to Sterling?

There is no charge for Honor Academy interns to transfer to Sterling College.

How much does it cost to transfer credit from another college to Sterling?

It costs nothing unless the college you are transferring from charges a transfer fee.

Will I need to send Sterling my high school transcript?


Will I need to send Sterling a copy of my ACT/SAT scores?


What can I do if I have not taken the ACT/SAT?

You will need to take either test as soon as possible.

What is the minimum score that I will need on the ACT/SAT?

SAT - 1290, ACT - 18

Can I use scholarships from my high school to pay for the transfer of credits from Sterling to another college?

That is determined by the awarder of the scholarship.

Does this partnership affect scholarship opportunities?

This is determined by the awarder of the scholarship.

Will FASFA cover the cost of transferring my credits?

No. You cannot use FASFA for credits already taken.

Does Sterling offer online classes?

Sterling does offer online degree completion programs in education, business and ministries. Check with an Academic Advisor at Sterling for more details, or go to their website at www.sterling.edu.

If I apply for credit through Sterling College, does that mean I'll be designated a "college student" during my time at Teen Mania?

No. Your academic credit will not be "official" until you complete your time at Teen Mania.

Will applying for the Sterling credit allow me to show that I am a college student for insurance purposes?

No. You are not an official college student while you are at Teen Mania. Upon graduation from the Honor Academy, your academic credit can be used at Sterling or another college.

Can I show that I am "in college" to help my sibling get additional financial aid at the college he's attending? Will applying for Sterling credit allow this?

No. You are not "in college" while you are at Teen Mania. Upon graduation from the Honor Academy, you may obtain your academic credit to be used at Sterling or another college.

Once I am at the Honor Academy, may I choose which classes I would like to be transcripted for me after I graduate from the Honor Academy?

Yes. As you exercise the college credit option, you may choose which classes the Honor Academy will transcript for you. You will need to do this by the deadline that is communicated to you upon arrival at the Honor Academy.

After I finish my time at Teen Mania and my transcript is sent to Sterling, may I pick and choose which courses I want to transfer?

No. All of the courses reflected on your Honor Academy transcript will be transcripted from the Honor Academy and sent to Sterling.

Will all of my credits transfer to the college I want to attend?

Yes. Sterling is a fully-accredited college, so other colleges and universities will accept academic credit from Sterling. If a particular course you have on your Sterling transcript does not count for a requirement for your major/minor, it should still count as an "elective" course to go towards your total credits required to graduate.

Should I take advantage of this Teen Mania/Sterling partnership?

Absolutely. If you feel that college is in your future or if you eventually want a college degree-from Sterling or any other college or university-this is a great opportunity. By getting academic credit for your Teen Mania experience you will not "lose time" in obtaining your college degree.

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