Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 26 of hcg diet

Today I'm down .4 while on TOM. I can be happy with this.
Last night had a grilled hamburger cooked on George Foreman with salad and a bit of cottage cheese.
It's time to re-order hhcg for some family members. I'm finding that a lot of websites are charging outrageously for 2 oz and a "recipe book". You can get hhcg from for $20, 2 oz. Same exact bottle others are selling for $140!
I'm ordering our next batch from . They've gotten a lot of good reviews from the many people on the hcgdiet yahoogroup.

Yesterday I cleaned the kids' rooms and did tons of laundry. Got tired but not overly.
My feet are no longer swollen and it looks like my hiney is shrinking! I wish my belly would go with that, but I can be happy. I feel so much better.

I keep reading how people are having boring hcg meals while on the hcg diet.
Our meals aren't boring. We're using spices, the George Foreman grill and lean meats.
Now the salad.. I did mix up a vinigrette that added some kick to it.

Trevor worked at lakehouse yesterday and gained 3 lbs. Might have been the bug spray or the fact that the day before he lost 4 while playing paintball. He didn't stray from the diet. Neither of us have eaten our fruit. Kids ate all the apples- they think they're candy. I really need an apple tree.

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