Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Exercise routines for wahms

Sparkpeople.com did it again! 6 routines with video included and it's all free.
If you haven't visited http://www.sparkpeople.com, you really should check it out. They have you covered from healthy recipes, tips to fun exercises and of course motivation:
From their free newsletter:
SparkPeople 30-Minute Workouts Add Variety To Your Routine A stale fitness program is like a stale pair of old shoes--you know how they'll feel and you once loved using them, but you just don't want to go near them anymore. We all need a little variety in our workouts. In fact, an excessively repetitive workout program is a major cause of fitness burnout.If you're looking to mix things up a little bit, try one of these 30-minute options created by SparkPeople Coach Joe D. They should each be preceded and followed by at least a little stretching and warm up. The only equipment you'll need for most of these exercises are small dumbbells, an inflatable stability ball or resistance bands. Many are simple "body weight" exercises with no need for equipment at all.Click here to see all six 30-minute workouts. Read Entire Article

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