Saturday, May 12, 2007

Child Safe Kids Browser

I used to cringe when my kids would ask to the
use the computer to do research or play a game. It usually meant I would either have
to stand over their shoulder making sure they didn't type anything into the search engines Or I would end up with spyware on my computer from the "harmless, free kids games". Now I don't have to worry about it.

We also tried password protecting the computer so they could only go to approved
sites. This didn't work out so well because the older kids wanted to go to different sites and every 5 minutes they were asking me to type in the password and approve each page.

After much searching, we heard about
who offers a free kids safe web browser, My kids love Tuki. It has age appropriate content
and is a browser that I feel safe letting my children use. Each child has their own log in, so they're preferences are saved. The developer and owner believes in keeping kids safe while allowing them the opportunity to learn.
He has launched a campaign to give away his free kid safe browser, no strings attached. Our family loves it. Best of all there are different levels you can choose, from the free version to the Premium paid version.

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